The New World

If we called every HOME a home, we wouldn't differ from people who lived at the beginning of our era in dwellings countersunk in the ground, where the entrance also served as a flue. There was heat and a slight touch of light. Perhaps thats enough for somebody. However, there's always some Columbus among us who longs for something more.

You already know what happened then.

On October 12th, 1492, Columbus saw INDIA, which turned out to be the New World.



seja peteris

Pēteris Bajārs
seja liga

Rūdolfs Jansons
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Inga Stakione

INDIA is an abbreviation of Intelligent Design Interior and Architecture - i.e. all the main fields of work of our architecture office.

Established in May 2004, INDIA started as a team of three young architects and soon became one of the most promising architecture offices in Latvia. In just our first year, we were nominated for the annual Latvian Architecture Prize with the competition project – a residential house on Strelnieku 7. And we won this award a few years later with Parventa Library in Ventspils.

Over the years, INDIA won numerous competitions and was the subject of publications in all the major newspapers and magazines.
A list of selected projects, awards and publications can be seen below.


Selected Works

Reconstruction Of Carl Zeiss Factory

Location: Mukusalas Street 41b. Riga
Function: Mixed Use
Year: 2008 - 2009
Area: 12.400 M2
Status: Technical Design

Dailes Theatre Square

Location: Brivibas Street 75. Riga
Function: Underground Shopping Arcade
Year: 2005
Area: 12.800 M2
Status: Sketch Design

Hotel & Shooting Range

Location: Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates
Function: Olympic Shooting Range and Hotel
Year: 2007
Area: 7.000 M2
Status: Sketch Design

Ķempes Pound

Location: Mezaparks. Riga
Function: Public Square and Activity Centre
Year: 2006
Area: 12.000 M2
Status: Sketch Design

Reconstruction Of Hotel Latvia

Location: Elizabetes Street 55. Riga
Function: Hotel Bar | Façade Renovation
Year: 2005
Area: 1.300 M2
Status: Technical Design

Youth Culture Centre

Location: Bralu Skrindu Street. Rezekne
Function: Cultural Centre
Year: 2007
Area: 3.530 M2
Status: Invited Competition

Multi-Storey Apartment House

Location: Strelnieku Street 7. Riga
Function: Dwelling
Year: 2004
Area: 7.766 M2
Status: Invited Competition | 1st Prize

Parventa Library

Location: Targales Street 4. Ventspils
Function: Library and Cultural Centre
Year: 2006 - 2009
Area: 1.500 M2
Status: Competition | 1st Prize | Technical Design



Award For The Most Friendly and Accessible for All Public Project

International Union of Architects, Tokyo, 2011

Award Best Foreign Project

Best Office Award, Moscow, 2011

Architect’s Foot

For belief in prosperity of the profession, 2010

Grand Prix at Annual Award for Architecture

The Latvian Association of Architects, Riga, 2010

Building of the Year

Latvian Builders Association, Riga, 2010

The Best Interior Design

Latvian Designers Award, Riga, 2009

The Best Public Interior

Latvian Designers Award, Riga, 2009

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